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Port Locker helps you protect valuable information from your computer
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Data security occupies a significant part of the well function in almost any running business. Without an efficient tool to help you protect valuable information from your computer, you might lose important data due to unauthorized access or even get transferred malicious content to your network.
A program that fits the needs presented previously is Port Locker, an access control utility that brings you a fast and easy way to block other users from accessing your documents.

With many data security configurations available, this powerful tool allows you to block all ports from your computer, such as Bluetooth, USB, Network Adapters, etc. and displays complete reports with all recent activity performed on your PC.

Plus, if someone accessed important information from your computer, Port Locker will instantly send you alerts containing the date when the breach occurred and the used port type.

Even though the program gives you access to all the tools and configurations you need in order to block other users from accessing your files, Port Locker also comes with a minor disadvantage and that's the fact that it might take a while to apply any changes you make while configuring its settings.
As for the rest, this application is worth its value price and gets the job done ensuring you that your files are kept safe.

Ashley Griggs
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  • User-friendly interface
  • Many configurations available
  • Provides you with a complete activity log
  • Displays instant alerts whenever there's a breach in your system


  • In order to get a free trial of the product, you need to fill a form
  • Might take a bit longer to apply new changes
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